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City of Hugo

Hugo City Hall
14669 Fitzgerald Avenue North
Hugo, MN  55038

651-762-6300 or

Office Hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
Closed weekends and holidays.

After Hours Non-Emergency Contact: If you are experiencing a problem that needs attention by Hugo City Staff, please contact the Sheriff's Dispatch Center at 651-439-9381.

Below is a partial list of City Staff.  Please see the column to the right for a complete list of City Hall contacts.



Community Development

Building Department

To schedule an inspection, please call 651-762-6300.

Debi Close, Building Department Tech/Secretary

Chuck Preisler, Building Official

Scott Baller, Building Inspector


Steve Duff, Senior Engineering Technician 

Finance Department

Public Works Department

City Hall Contacts
Anderson, Scott (Public Works Director)

Baller, Scott (Building Inspector)

Bear, Bryan (City Administrator)

Christianson, Paul (Worker)

Close, Debi (Administrative Secretary/Building Permit Technician)

Colvard, Kevin (Fire Chief)

Duff, Steve (Senior Engineering Technician)

Mark Erichson (City Engineer)

Greeder, Adam (Worker)

Greeder, Dave (Worker)

Guareschi, Jodie (Utility Billing Clerk)

Haas, Chuck (Council Member Ward 3)

Juba, Rachel (Planner)

Kieffer, Rick (Worker)

Klein, Matt (Worker)

Klein, Phil (Council Member, Ward 1)

Leitz, Rachel (Community Development Assistant)

Lindahl, Kendra (City Planner)

Lindau, Michele (City Clerk)

Loeffler, Mike (Worker)

Maas, Jeff (Worker)

McCullough, Ryan (Worker)

Miron, Fran (Commissioner)

Miron, Mike (Council Member at Large)

Otkin, Ron (Finance Director)

Petryk, Becky (Council Member, Ward1)

Preisler, Chuck (Building Official)

Raboin, Dan (City Assessor)

Rumppe, Sarah (Intern)

Schiffman, Olivia (History Intern)

Smith, Tom (Worker)

Snyder, Dave (City Attorney)

Denaway, Shayla (Parks Planner)

Weidt, Tom (Mayor)

Willenberg, Pete (Water Resource Engineer)

Wobse, Anna (Accounting Clerk)