Hugo, MN


What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the vision for development in Hugo. Although it is a physical plan, it is a reflection of the community's social and economic values. These values are translated into the type of land use the City desires and programs regarding economic development, housing, parks, transportation and other key areas.

Cities, townships, and counties in the seven-county area are required by the Metropolitan Land Planning Act to update their Comprehensive Plans every 10 years to prepare for growth and strengthen connections throughout the region.

The Comprehensive Plan was developed with the advice of many of Hugo's advisory Committees and Commissions. The new plan was approved in 2019 by the Hugo City Council and the Metropolitan Council. The Comprehensive Plan establishes a 20-year policy framework for the City to address the needs of a maturing community. The Plan is an official document that serves as a policy guide for decision making regarding the development of the community.