Municipal Sanitary Sewer System

The Forest Lake Interceptor flows southward from Forest Lake, through Forest Lake Township, Hugo, White Bear Lake, North Oaks and Vadnais Heights before ending in Little Canada. The wastewater then flows to the Metropolitan plant located in St. Paul. This is the largest wastewater treatment plant in the regional system and it handles the sewage from Minneapolis, St. Paul and several suburbs, including Hugo. The City has entered into agreement with the Metropolitan Council of Environmental Services to extend sanitary sewer service within the City’s 2020 urban development area.

The City’s sanitary sewer system consists of a series of gravity flow mains and lift stations with force mains. Wastewater flows by gravity until there is no longer enough slope in the pipe to maintain flow. The wastewater is then lifted to a higher elevation with the use of lift stations and force mains so it may then continue to flow by gravity into the Forest Lake Interceptor.

The City of Hugo currently has eight lift stations within its sanitary sewer system, with a ninth lift station scheduled to be on line by the summer of 2007. Due to the relatively flat terrain of Hugo, several more lift stations will be required with future development taking place.

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