Message from the Mayor

The City of Hugo is characterized by a pleasant blend of rural and suburban landscapes with an abundance of natural resources.  We believe we offer something for everyone, including a high quality of life for all.  Hugo has seen rapid growth in recent years, and the city’s future remains bright.  In this city, with a population upwards of 14,000 citizens, growth has been managed responsibly through careful planning.  Much of Hugo’s land remains as agricultural or undeveloped with many farms and equine operations, yet the city includes a variety of businesses and attractions.  Residents enjoy the use of many lakes, some of them very small and quiet with natural, unspoiled shorelines.  Hugo’s neighborhoods are strong, vibrant and well planned, often oriented around natural open spaces or parkland.  Neighborhoods are connected to each other by a developing system of paved pedestrian trails that also provide access to a multitude of parks and recreational amenities. 

During the recent economic downturn, the city has focused on improving the infrastructure in our older neighborhoods, and preparing the city for future economic growth.  Hugo’s residential growth has led to an emerging retail and commercial market bringing many new businesses and services to the community.  Industrial businesses continue to locate and expand within the city’s industrial parks adding new jobs to the community.  Residents and business owners who locate here find that the City provides efficient and friendly service with relatively low tax rates. 

Hugo’s citizens are hard working and willing to help their neighbor, making it a great city in which to live.  If you’ve decided to make Hugo your home, you’ve made a good choice. 


Tom Weidt, Mayor