Bylaws and Annual Goals

The City of Hugo Parks Commission has developed a Strategic Plan that will provide immediate and long-term strategic guidance and direction for the development of parks for the citizens and City of Hugo. The mission, values and vision are presented below.

Mission Statement
The Hugo parks system provides facilities to accommodate recreational and social activities for the entire community.

The Parks Commission has identified the following set of enduring values that it believes are embodied in the citizens of the community and that should guide park planning and development:

  • The parks system accommodates diverse populations through development of specific facilities that enhance their quality of life.  

  • The parks system accommodates the desire for diverse recreational opportunities.

  • The parks system features neighborhood parks that serve as local recreational and social focal points.

  • The parks system features the preservation and inclusion of open spaces and natural areas.

  • Responsible stewardship of community resources guides the planning and development of the parks system.

  • Community input is crucial to the success of the parks system.

  • Park planning and development is sensitive to safety and property value issues.

  • Eminent domain is not used to acquire land for the parks systems unless requested by the property owner.

Based on the broad mission of the parks system and the enduring community values that guide its planning and development, the Parks Commission's vision for the Hugo parks system is:

A system of neighborhood and community parks and natural areas linked by a network of local and regional multi-use trails.

A conveniently located complex of multi-purpose facilities that provides community focus, accommodates major community events, and that is hereafter referred to as the civic plaza.