Hugo, MN


Info on Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a destructive insect that has killed millions of ash trees in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada, since being discovered in the U.S. in the early 2000s.  EAB has spread into Wisconsin and Minnesota with the 2009 confirmation in St. Paul, then Minneapolis, and now Hugo in 2017. EAB attacks all species of ash trees and typically causes tree death within a few years. 

Residents are advised to develop a plan for any ash trees on private property. Currently, there is no known permanent cure for this destructive insect.  City staff suggest treating prized trees, taking down less desirable trees, and planting new trees with diversity in mind.

Please do not move ash wood out of quarantined counties, including Washington County. While mature EAB beetles are capable of flying a few miles, the natural spread of EAB occurs at a slow rate of about ½ mile per year.  Human practices are responsible for accelerated rates of establishment by moving firewood. For more information about EAB visit the resources below.

EAB Management Recommendations for Ash Trees on Private Property

  1. Ash Tree Removal and Replacement: All infested ash trees on private property will likely die, becoming very brittle (a characteristic of ash species), and soon will begin shedding branches that fall to the ground resulting in potential physical hazards and liability. The city is not currently requiring the removal of infested ash trees on private property, but strongly suggest prompt removal of all infested ash trees, especially those on private property that will fall onto public trails/streets. To prevent accelerated spread of adult EAB beetles, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) guidelines indicate that ash trees should only be removed during the months of October to April. Beginning in May adults are ready to emerge from infested ash trees, and the motion/transport of said trees only increases the chance of artificially spreading this pest. If residents wish to replace their ash tree, it should be accomplished with any appropriate non-ash tree species.
  2. Protection of High-Value Ash Trees: Infested ash trees, if identified early enough, can be saved via treatment of approved insecticides. Residents wishing to preserve their ash tree are encouraged to contact certified tree contractors to discuss this option. Trees intended to be preserved in this manner are typically treated during the months of May-June. Treatment cost is based upon both the size of the tree to be treated, and the number of trees per site. Treatments will need to be repeated every other year as long as EAB infestation is a threat.
  3. If you suspect a tree on your property is infested with EAB, please contact Hugo City Hall at 651-762-6326.  The City will be keeping an inventory of infested trees for information purposes only.


EAB Management recommendation for Ash Trees on Public Property (City owned property)

  1. If you suspect an ash tree on public property has been infested by EAB, please contact Hugo City Hall at 651-762-6326.  City staff will inspect the tree and determine if it is infested.
  2. Once a determination has been made, an educated decision will be made to remove or keep the tree.
  3. The City’s Public Works Department will continue to inspect City owned property, such as parks and building grounds, for affected ash trees.
  4. Affected trees located on City owned property will be removed and a replacement will be considered.