Hugo Water Conservation Goals & Practices

The City will strive to “reduce, reuse and replenish” our water resources for the purposes of being good stewards of the resource by:

  • Conserving water that is pumped from the ground
  • Responsibly managing the City's municipal infrastructure
  • Reducing fees, charges, or water bills for those who conserve water
  • Encouraging the recycling of water where possible
  • Working with residents and businesses to slow the growth rate of water usage
The City of Hugo has many measures in place to promote the conservation of water.

 Stormwater Reuse Projects

The City of Hugo is seeking funding to acquire land, predesign, design, manage, and construct stormwater reuse/irrigation/infiltration systems within three areas in the City of Hugo and Washington County which will reduce the amount of groundwater pumped by the City and provide enhanced stormwater treatment through infiltration.  These projects are included in the City's Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan adopted in 2011. Click here to read more about the projects.

 Installation of Water Meters

The City of Hugo requires water meters to be installed on all water systems that will meter water used, which is then charged to the customer at a rate per gallon. Customers are made aware of their water usage and pay accordingly.

 Storm Water C.I.P.

The City of Hugo and the Rice Creek Watershed District, working cooperatively, have recently finished work on a Storm water Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for areas within the City of Hugo. Using Hydrologic and water quality information developed by the RCWD, lake restoration Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reports prepared through Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), and existing and proposed future land use information developed by the City of Hugo, this plan has quantified the need for and identified 19 potential regional projects that, if constructed, will significantly improve water quality using innovative and cost effective techniques.

 Rebates for Water-Saving Fixtures

The City of Hugo implemented a Water Efficiency Rebate Program in January 2016.  The rebates were given on a first come, first serve basis and were all allocated by December 2016. Please check back for more information on a future program.

 Conservation Rate Schedule

The City of Hugo has implemented a water utility rate structure for all customer on a quarterly basis.  The volume included in the base rate charge is 15,000 gallons; however the city also charges based on the actual usage by the customer. Charges assessed based on the actual water usage is a Conservation Rate Structure, meaning that the rate per unit increases as water use increases. This is desirable from a conservation stand point as it promotes conservation awareness to each individual customer. In addition, the Conservation Rate Schedule is evaluated on a yearly basis.

 Monitoring of City Irrigation Systems

The Hugo Public Works Department actively monitors the City Irrigation Systems by conducting daily inspections of City owned properties to determine the watering needs and ensuring grass areas are not being over watered.

 Native Landscape Allowances

The City of Hugo allows for the planting of native seeds and wildflowers as prairie-like landscapes. Native plants are low maintenance and do not require irrigation. Staff recently worked with Xcel Energy on their native landscaping at their new building in the Bald Eagle Industrial Park.  The City also encourages the use of low water plantings and discourages massive unused turf areas.

 Odd/Even Day Watering Restrictions

Property owners within the City using water from the City of Hugo's municipal water system, may only water lawns, trees or other vegetation on an odd-even basis. Specifically, property addresses which end in an odd number may only water on odd calendar days. Properties having addresses which end in an even number may only water on even calendar days. This restriction brings awareness to the community of water conservation and prevents unnecessary every day watering.

 Rain Barrels

The City of Hugo uses rain barrels to capture rain water for watering the plants around the Hanifl Shelter.  Residents are encourage to do the same by purchasing a rain barrel for home use.  By capturing rainwater from the roof, residents can reduce their water bill.  Click here to find out more about using rain barrels.

 Rain Gardens

Rain gardens provide a way to use and optimize any rain that falls, reducing or avoiding the need for irrigation. They allow a household or building to deal with excessive rainwater runoff without burdening the public storm water systems. Rain gardens cut down on the amount of pollution reaching creeks and streams, improving water quality in nearby bodies of water. Click here to learn about the Rain Garden at Hugo City Hall.

 Shade Tree Requirement

The City of Hugo's Landscape Ordinance requires shade trees as part of new development.  Shade protects lawns from becoming thirsty, reducing the amount of watering needed.

 Topsoil Requirement

The City of Hugo requires in the Development Agreement that all landscaped areas shall be tilled in order to loosen compacted soils and shall contain at least four (4) inches of black dirt containing no more than 35% sand. This promotes the retention of water resulting in less irrigation when establishing turf.

 Unaccounted Water

The City of Hugo responds to unaccounted water. It is important to monitor the amount of unaccounted water regularly as it is a good indication of pipe breaks or system failures.