Wellhead Protection Planning

As a part of the City’s commitment to protect local groundwater and drinking water sources we have implemented a Wellhead Protection Plan. The wellhead is the structure over a well, in this case, a drinking water well. The goal of the plan is to identify and manage potential sources of contamination in areas that supply water to the City’s wells. The Wellhead Protection Plan defined a Wellhead Protection Area, identified land uses and possible sources of pollution within the area, and determined how vulnerable the area is to pollution. Implementation of the plan includes taking actions to prevent contamination throughout the Wellhead Protection Area.

What can you do to help?

  • You can attend wellhead protection meetings or serve on workgroups.
  • On your own property, you can identify, manage, and eliminate potential sources of groundwater contamination. You should also use and dispose of hazardous products properly.
  • You can conserve water, decreasing the demand on our drinking water sources and reducing runoff.